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in your favorite shops

Scan the QR code

The QR code will be available in the facility, on the door or at your location.

Order your articles

Scan the QR Code from the orderoo application and find the whole catalog of products of the establishment.

Retrieve your order

Once your order has been placed, pick it up at the establishment or wait for it to be dropped off for you.

Simplify order taking

Finish the attention file

Order at your favorite establishments and retrieve your orders right away, all in one application!

Click & collect service

All your favorite shops allow you to place orders from the Orderoo application.

Wherever you are, order

In a bar, a bakery, a restaurant… Scan the QR code that is available to you and place your order.

Enjoy your favourite establishments

The smart catalogue

From the application find all the articles you prefer and discover the novelties, simple and fast.

All compatible

All types of businesses can use the Orderoo application, what are you waiting for to join our user community?

Adapted functionalities

Discover your favourite shops in a different light: no more queuing. Just enjoy the best and the good times: your order!

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News and offers

Discover all the offers that correspond to you, the application allows you to know everything about your businesses.

Wherever you are

Order from your store wherever you are. At work? No problem, just pick up your order as soon as it’s ready.

Indoors and outdoors

The QR code will be available everywhere, even on the table where you are. Scan it and order, all you have to do is wait for the order.

Orderoo accompanies you

Your menu and your loyalty is hidden in your pocket, in your smartphone! The application makes it easy for you to take orders in all your favourite establishments. Then choose to personalize your products as you wish. Payment is 100% secure directly from the application.

Available in all your favourite establishments, the application will allow you to order more simply wherever you are.

Pay more simply your orders with a secure payment system, available on all the establishments of the application

Each item you add to your cart can be edited to fit your needs.

All screens in the application have been designed to simplify catalogue navigation and make ordering easier.

The application makes it easy for all establishments to set up click and collect. Once the order has been placed, the customer can directly come and collect it.

The plus of the Orderoo application is that it is an application that allows you to accumulate loyalty points and find the good deals and events of all your favorite establishments. You can also discover in suggestion establishments that look like you.

Download the application

Your order-taking companion is available on Android and iOS